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Colvir on IX Interbank International Forum MICA


Moscow, Russia

Priority number one to us is our clients.

To create the product that would be of help and importance to the clients we carefully study trends, ratings, analyze customers’ requests and take part in conferences on the subject.

For the fourth year in a row Colvir has been the General partner of Interbank International Forum (IIF) of The Moscow International Currency Association (MICA). Each spring members of banking community, stock exchange community, financial and brokerage companies exchange their ideas, communicate and negotiate the terms of beneficial cooperation. Taking part in this event is extremely important to our company, because we can have the information from the original source and get the ideas from those potential clients whom we can be of help.

Treasures are the special category of bankers. High risks, heavy responsibility for the result of the deal. Error of the treasurer` costs much more than the teller` error. That is why we highly appreciate personal contact with the participants of IIF. Participants` problems are the tasks for us for the nearest future.

On the forum that took part in Almaty on April, 19-22, 2017 Colvir reported on the results of the project “Treasury Front Office” implementation on the banking market of Kazakhstan.

Cutting costs is one of the recent trends nowadays. If the number of treasury transactions is not great the installation of the full “Treasury” module is not always cost effective. We have taken that into account and offered our clients the possibility to use the software on SaaS terms. More information you can find here.

IX-th Interbank International Forum of MICA for Colvir is the place to meet friends, dialogues with experts and possibility to make our products even better. For the X-th Forum we will surely bring our new developments. We are creating them right now.