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JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia": new modules and updated System Kernel as a bonus


Moscow, Russia

One of the key strategies of Colvir is the “Adaptability without coding”. That is why it is the client who creates his own Colvir system according to his needs from the functional modules provided.

JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" has been working on Colvir Banking System since the year 2008. Range of bank`s products provided and the clients` portfolio have been significantly changed since that time.

Following the trend in 2016 Bank made a decision to expand System`s capability and install the following modules Money market, ForEx and Guarantees. During the years of cooperation with JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" our Colvir system was developing at a great speed. In the new Kernel amongst the major modifications we have the possibility to work with the modules that were developed using web-technology.

To be able to use all the capabilities of our System and our new developments we suggested the Bank to update system’s Kernel. Simultaneously with the Kernel update we have updated Corporate Data Warehouse and “Credit Risks (Reserve Provisioning)” module for the bank to be able to use new reserves calculation algorithm according to the IFRS standards.

Colvir technologies allowed to update the Kernel of Bank`s production system in time of only two days of the weekends. And starting Monday morning employees of JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" continued working using the new system`s capabilities while the clients were not affected in any way by the update made.

At the moment JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" has no limitations in expanding the capabilities of CBS. And together with our client we are discussing the possibility to install Colvir Banking System front modules, developed using web-technology.

As the result of the project JSC "Halyk Bank Georgia" in addition to the new modules received update of production system Kernel and two modules. We are always ready to provide more and the clients know that.