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Colvir is the silver partner of “financial control and monitoring at the bank” conference


Moscow, Russia

When leading specialists from the real sector discuss important questions, share their experience and mutually develop corporate strategy that fully multiplies the contribution of each participant.

For having such beneficial discussion MSB has organized on May 25-26, 2017 third training conference “Financial Control and Monitoring at the Bank”. Colvir was the silver partner of this event. The main idea of the current forum was the idea of conversion. It is extremely important for the banks to understand how to change the organizational structure, products and technical solutions in our fast moving and changing world.

Experts from leading Russian and CIS banks – Sberbank, Alfa-Bank, VTB Group, Raiffeisenbank, Promsvyazbank, Tinkoff-Bank, Unicredit bank, Uralsib and many others - were discussing planning and forecasting, risk control and profitability management in the context of banking sector transformation.

On the conference Colvir has introduced information-analytical platform CAP - Colvir Analytical Platform. Alexander Askinadze, director of consulting company “TrustConto” and partner of Colvir MIS platform dwelled on the new capabilities of the System. The topics of budget control, multi data marts support and Colvir MIS operation in the cloud under SaaS model were fully covered.

Aset Baymuhametov, Head of IT in JSC “Development Bank of Kazakhstan”, shared his experience on using Colvir MIS in the process of full budgeting automation and overall planning, generating financial and regulatory reports in the bank. Employees of the Financial department fully define and maintain all financial and budget models on Colvir MIS platform without any vendor or software developers engagement. That allows bank to get rid of electronic spreadsheets which essentially saves time and minimizes costs for automation.

It is vitally important for the banks to have the opportunity to be able to change quickly. The main problem is the inability of old information systems to meet certain requirements on the above mentioned requests. Software becomes cangue not an assistant. Colvir MIS analytical platform was especially developed to help our clients to cater their needs in transforming management reporting in accordance with the fast moving world objectives. Colvir MIS users are no longer dependent from vendors and aggregators and can create their own financial models as often and with the variety of methods as needed. Moreover Colvir MIS could be serviced by the only one employee.

It is of great importance for Colvir to be up to date. Today we create the product that will be needed tomorrow. That is why last year when the question of cutting costs in banking sphere was extremely vital Colvir held the presentation on the SaaS cloud service which allows reducing costs on condition of small volume of standard transactions carried out. And the next year we will be ready to satisfy all the needs of our clients.