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Dealers day 2017


Moscow, Russia

It has been the fifth year in a row of Colvir Software Solutions Ltd. being the official sponsor of the Dealers Day which took place on August, 17, 2017 within the scope of annual meeting of Moscow International Currency Association (MICA).

Dealers are the special caste in banking business. In that profession it is not enough to have the information, but it is very important to feel and understand the market and its` participants, risk rationally and take prompt actions. On this day in Moscow Rhythm & Blues Café all the top professionals meet each other. But even the greatest specialists need to have a rest.

Dealers Day is the kind of festival where we invite our friends to have fun, get acquainted and discuss interesting topics. For one evening serious bankers were turned into challenging dialog partners. In informal surroundings they acquired new contacts, told different stories, discussed latest news, planned new deals and made appointments.

On each similar event the foundation for future cooperation is laid. That is why we think it is very important to take part in such events. It is the right place to be up to date with the new trends in financial market, to understand the needs of the participants and know the way we could be of help for them.