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Colvir MIS at the forum "BankIT'2017" in Minsk


Minsk, Belarus

From October 18 to October 20, 2017, the XIV International Forum on Banking Information Technologies "BankIT'2017" took place in Minsk. More than 1500 managers and experts from the world of finance, IT and management participated this year. Colvir was represented at the forum by Oleg Slabnov, Business Development Director of Colvir Software Solutions and Alexander Ashkinadze, General Director of the consulting company TrustConto, curator of Colvir MIS. Interest towards their speech was so high that it lasted 2 hours instead of 45 minutes declared by the organizers.

Oleg and Alexander told the forum participants about the opportunities which offer banks innovative solution of our company- an analytical platform Colvir MIS (Management Information System).

Colvir MIS supports a full cycle of business management through:

  • models of strategic planning, key (KPI) and / or balanced (BSC) indicators;
  • production, budget and financial models of any complexity (including in the logic of cross-cutting planning);
  • production and financial management - budget control, accounting of production indicators, management accounting, income and cost distribution, cost calculation, management reporting, IFRS reporting, etc.;
  • analysis of financial condition, evaluation of investment projects and business;
  • analysis of possible business strategies, deviations of planned data from actual data, differences between model versions;
  • flexible analytical reporting;
  • use of the accumulated information to make effective management decisions.

The main difference of Colvir MIS from the existing solutions on the market of banking software involves five basic principles of its work:

    1. Simple instruments in the hands of creative people.

    Colvir MIS is based on the familiar scheme of Excel work. Saving the simplicity, we compensated for the following shortcomings (violation of the referential integrity, replacement by copying the formulas to the values and, as a consequence, violation of the calculation logic, unsynchronized changes in different books that are connected by one model, etc.). As a result, we got an intuitively understandable tool that allows:

    – install and maintain models by the client;

    – collectively work in a single, customized online model;

    – unlimitedly scale models with differentiation of access rights to separate parts;

    – automatically consolidate and aggregate data over an unlimited set of hierarchical analysts.

    2. Minimal time for implementation of ready-made solutions.

    The slogan of today is - if it's too late, then never. Sometimes, by the time the classic project is implemented, including GAP analysis, calculating labor costs, customizations and modifications, testing and only then the implementation, the formulated requirements and the improvements made are becoming outdated, and the project is simply unnecessary. Colvir MIS allows you to solve the tasks here and now. In the current time mode, users can develop models of any complexity, collect and analyze the actual data, promptly introduce refinements and develop lined up models.

    3. Independence from system developers.

    Independence in the use of software is not only a matter of saving money, time and nerves, but also a matter of business security. The tool, which does not require the involvement of developers, allows you to concentrate only on your professional tasks and in this matter provides the user with absolute freedom.

    4. Openness for development and new needs.

    Colvir MIS develops and grows together with your business. It is able to solve problems of any complexity for companies of different industries. Both small organizations and large corporations and even groups of companies with a diversified business will be able to use it for accounting and planning. Each time solving a new task, Colvir MIS accumulates experience, broadens its functional potential. According to this, we could compare its development within the company with a person’s growing up.

    5. Adaptability to any information environment.

    It means collecting data from various available sources that will be cleaned and structured in the logic of the problem being solved, and then processed and correctly interpreted. Therefore, a tool that can adapt to existing capabilities and limitations is much more practical and more convenient than those that are demanding of the data format. It allows you to process any information quickly and qualitatively, therefore to make right decisions in good time.

During the demonstrations of the opportunities of Colvir MIS for the forum participants, Oleg Slabnov set up one of the models for planning the expenses for "Business trips". Setting of the budget model in the form of a structure of indicators with the rules of aggregation and consolidation, flows of planned payments in the context of various analysts, generation of forms for data entry and / or collection from Excel- took only 7 minutes. Standard tools require much more time for such actions.

The Colvir MIS platform in its essence is a brand new simple tool that allows to reduce the efforts and time for processing the information. That's why the forum participants were that much interested in it.